интарифа Launch - Vip

интарифа was recognizes as one of 2019’s most successful campaigns, winning IAB MIXX award for best content, Somoborac SOMO CONTENT & SOMO DIGITAL MIX finalist awards, design and media KAKTUS awards, Golden SEMPLER, five UEPS awards, as well as being an EFFIE finalist. In order to launch a new, data-driven tariff on digital only, we come up with a visual identity and communication strategy inspired by immersive experiences of the internet and its recognizable visual language, appropriate for our target audience of progressive, data-oriented millennials. To put focus on интарифа’s unlimited chat proposition, we partnered with Vice to establish Chat Interviews – a content marketing platform. And in cooperation with a young writer, we developed a series of Chat Stories – short genre stories full of twists, told entirely through chat.