Biti Mama je Druga Priča Blog - Vip

We were tasked with creating a content platform for New Moms as part of a wider Vip mobile’s CSR effort. We analysed the content already available on the internet and were faced with a somewhat disconcerting fact: while expert content, with medical advice for new moms, was excellent, there was literally no lifestyle content that would show the real and raw experience of motherhood. We decided to change that. We partnered with 3 completely different new moms to create a blog that would talk honestly, with depth and humour, about all the challenges a new mom faces. We wanted to address the good and the bad and show new moms that they are not alone in their natural feelings of inadequacy and confusion. The blog had more than 94 000 unique users from around Serbia, the region and the world and got indexed on Google amongst first-page results for all relevant queries.