Leadership Conference - Coca-Cola HBC

Every year, 300+ leaders of Coca-Cola HBC meet in one city and have a team building experience that lasts for 3 days. Our job was to create, organize and execute this huge and important event. We welcomed and took care of all the participants for the duration of their stay. This is the first time ever that the CEO of The Coca-Cola Company was a guest of the Conference. We designed the logo and all printed and on-line content for the conference. We also did a great number of different video material ranging from animations and edited materials to complete short movies. We imagined, developed and created the 24/7 City in Belexpocentar, which was the main Conference venue. We also designed and developed the Conferences’ website and app, providing the guests with all the necessary informational, logistics and security support, along with two gamification streams. For 2 days, the 24/7 city hosted many notable speakers, 4 workshops and a lot of different activities. We also created 3 separate events. Welcome cocktail with the Taste of Serbia theme. Gala dinner with an original short play with famous Serbian actors and Award ceremony. And the Closing party witch was hailed by the client as “one of the best in recent years if not ever”.