Neka nežnost priča - Milka

In a world that is often filled with negativity, not only in its “real” part, but also online, Milka wanted to answer back with tenderness. The goal of the campaign was to send a message through gentle stories and gestures that even good deeds can achieve great “reach”.
As part of the global campaign, which included a TV spot and limited edition packaging, we created local key visuals, in-store materials, a large number of individual digital posts aimed at different target groups, two contests for the most tender stories and songs, as well as two stages of digital campaigns with influencers. In one, the influencers showed through the IG reels format on a personal example that it does not take too much effort to show tenderness. In the second, Brana Antović hosted 8 great guests, including Olympic champions, in the unique Milka podcast “Neka nežnost priča”. Through 4 episodes, the audience could hear or see many beautiful stories, both on the Milka YouTube channel and on 5 other podcast platforms.