Trezno i oprezno - UPS/FDU

*SoMo Borac SoMo Social Award Winner* / When Udruženje Pivara Srbije tasked us with conceptualising their annual “Trezno i Oprezno” campaign in order to raise awareness about the dangers of reckless drinking amongst students, we knew we had to think outside the box. How do you tell 18-24 year olds not to drink during holiday season? The answers is – you don’t. We felt that only the young can earnestly address this issue and their peers without being preachy or patronizing. We partnered with Faculty of Dramatic Arts and asked directing students to dedicate their third year exam (TV commercial) to the “Trezno i oprezno” campaign. We ended up with 5 totally different films that addressed the issue in a raw and unflinching way. With a very, very modest media budget, thanks to high creative scores, we have managed to reach over two thirds of the total number of our audience on Facebook. Total number of Thru Plays (minimum 15sec views) was an unbelievable 298,676 with a VTR of 61%. Cost per Thru Play was 0.003 EUR, more than three times better than the average for regular, 3sec views. On top of this, the films were posted on UPS’s Instagram IGTV and received almost 15k views organically.